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Basic info for English speaking users

Welcome all non Czech speaking users. We are a site which is devoted to celebrating women who smoke cigarettes. It is very sexy and atractive. As an addition to beauty of women.

The pages are written and managed in Czech language primarily. We are no additional capacity to create and serve standalone English version. Though we are probably one of the best and unique sites in the world based on this theme. Here are some informations and explanations to orientate you on our pages.

The main part of the site is the discuss forum. There are placed every discussion and our authorship presentations based on photos and videos. Photos and videos of smoking women we originally take mainly in the exterior, after making an offer to collaborate. We have wide range and types of women we shoot.

Our photo and viedeo work has an annual evaluation, every year, from January to February for previous year. All participated smoking women we shot come into beauty competition named Miss Kuřačka (Miss Cigarette, simply said in English too). The top of the competition is divided into two passes. The first one is free nomination from forum's users (from 6 to 12 girls we shot in the year) they prefer to send them to the next pass. Ten of them, which obtain most of points, go forward to the final pass. All finalists win crowns, a carton of her favourite cigarettes, lighter and some other gifts. We invite them to our live actions to celebrate them.

We are different than other worldwide sites and forums. We build a community that is designated to men and women together. We do prefer sharing and discussing all aspects of smoking and cigarettes independently on gender. Women do not take everything which is taken or turned on by men. We want to be a civil server with regular life's themes, extended by attraction of smoking cigarettes.

If you want to comment and participate the forum, in English, you can. Most of Czech users, including us administrators, are able to understand. But please keep several rules: If you want to post, please do not write simple universal shouts like "thanks!" or "beautiful!". Posts like this do not have a great sense. Though we know this way is usual on other forums. If you want to post and comment, please write something what is related and valuable to the concrete women, her felicity, beauty etc. In other cases please use polls and vote instead. Polls are placed in threads on the top. The mark 1 means you like her absolutly, the mark 5 means you give the worst rate to her. This is understandable despite of the language barrier, we hope.

If you want to understand more of discusses, please use translation tools like translate.google.com or directly the Google Chrome browser, which is able to translate instantly.

But you can use the English user interface on our board. You may switch it from Czech language in your profile later or you can do it at the beginning of registration process. Through this link you will get the English form directly.

Access to VIP content

We are a non-commercial site, which is not based as a profitable project. All costs are paid from our own means and as supplements by our donators too. If you think that our site is senseful and useful, please consider sending a contribution to support us, to help to cover our costs etc.

You can do it through charging a credit. After registration and logging in the forum select the button "Credit status" {in the upper right corner). There will be shown a list of your former donations in the left column. In the right column is history of your unlocking the content (explained below). At the top of this page you can find a button labeled "Charge your credit" (it means making a donation).

We use the payment gateway PayPal, which is a safe and secured internet payment authority. PayPal offers several ways to send money, you can use payments primarily via international debit and credit cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express etc.. Please specify an amount in CZK to donate us and continue to the next page on the PayPal payment gateway. CZK is Czech currency Crown (1 EUR is usually about 27 CZK). All steps during payment are translated to English for a better understanding. Once you will complete the payment, you will be redirected back to our site, to the Credit status page, where it will be online increased your credit and added your payment.

Thank you very much, for your contributions!

As a reward you can draw your credit to unlocking our premium content, marked as a VIP content. If you click on any link with our authorship's video (or on unlocking buttons in newer presentations), you will be redirected to a special unlocking page. There will be a overview of videos and photos you will get by continuing. And the amount that will be deducted from your credit after your confirmation. Unlocking is generally based on pay-per-model (and presentation) principle. If you unlock the content, it will remain unlocked for your account permanently. You can use your credit only to smoking models that you are interested in, of course.

Here are some notices about the videos: The most of older videos have no sound, except ones from our live meetings. The newer videos has natural sound yet (since 2012). If there are talkings or inteviews, they are lead in Czech language only (and not titled to English or other language).

Please keep to fair play. It is strictly forbidden to share, reupload or republish our videos and photos anywhere (to other forums, rapidshare, youtube, facebook etc.) Our material is only for you private purpuses and usage, as a given thanks to you from us. We need your promise, we need to know that you have understood our conditions and friendly wish.

If you have any questions, try to contact the administrator "antaric" at antaric@kuracky.cz.

Enjoy our pages, we hope you will like our project!